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AGALTECH designs and manufactures high-tech professional drones for a wide range of applications which allow you to take your business to the next level.

Whether for crop spraying, crop & soil control, seeding or livestock management, Agaltech’s range of agricultural drones can significantly reduce farmers’ operational costs while increasing productivity.

Aerial observation at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods with Agaltech’s range of drone platforms onto which a wide range of (real-time) security equipment can be attached.

Save time and money with an Agaltech’s Aerial Survey Drones.

Able to be equipped with a wide range of LIDAR and other sensors allowing our Customers to survey large areas in minimal time.

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Aerial imagery has become a great complementary service


Aerial imagery has become a great complementary service


Aerial imagery has become a great complementary service


Aerial imagery has become a great complementary service

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Why Us?

AGALTECH (Agriculture Alliance Technology) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunrise HK International Corp. Ltd. (Sunrise).

Sunrise is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in a wide range of products such as LED, Solar Panel and Consumer Products Development, Manufacturing and Global Sales. Sunrise has two modern factories based in Longgang and Xixiang in China equipped with the latest Automated Production Equipment which enables it to have a completely independent production base.

With our headquarters in Shenzhen, the global heart of the electronics industry, Sunrise is able to rapidly develop specialized products at very competitive prices. Our international Sales Representatives speak Mandarin, English, Spanish and Dutch.

4,587 Successful Missions Flown with AGALTECH Drones

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Average Customer Rating
“Aerial imagery has become a great complementary service for production companies and creative agencies. "
- Robert Smith
“The use of agricultural drones is a game-changer in global agriculture"
-Pieter Jansen
Wageningen University
Drones play an important role in agriculture, horticulture and nature conservation. They replace the senses of farmers, and come into action with Swiss precision. With the use of a n agricultural drone, less energy and raw materials are required, unattractive working conditions are avoided and revenues are higher and of better quality.
Wageningen University

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