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Endless Possibilities

Agaltech’s experience over the past few years in designing and building professional agricultural drones has given us the expertise to offer a wide range of stable aerial platforms with a high grade of adaptability to be used in other sectors.

Our professional drone platforms offer the payload, the adaptability, flexibility and ease-of-use which third-party drone-application developers are looking for as new technologies and applications can easily be integrated within the existing onboard systems and remotely controlled features of our aerial drone platforms.

Please contact us for more information on non-agricultural payload applications.

Drones are increasingly used in reforestation efforts around the world. With increased desertification risks due to Climate Change, reforestation is an important tool to create natural CO2 sinks which also further protect important natural habitats and provide food and water to local populations.

Drone seeding plays an increasing role in desertification efforts for drones are able to cover large areas in a minimal amount of time, thereby greatly cutting costs.

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